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8 successful placements

8 unicorns successfully placed


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European Sales Manager, Macroalgae

European Sales Manager, Macroalgae

Placed: November 2021

Candidate Testimonial

Started: December 2021

Beate is an excellent professional, the recruitment process was smooth, with an exact definition of the details of the job.

But the best thing is the post-process: she cares about her candidates, about the fulfilment of conditions and is always willing to mediate if anything can be improved.

Highly recommended.

Client Testimonial

Chief Commercial Officer


Beate at BASSWOOD was excellent throughout the entire recruitment process, from candidate identification, interviewing, onboarding and even post-recruitment.

She was very professional in her handling of the candidates and those involved within our business – she quickly and expertly dealt with objections and changes in direction on all sides!

In the end, we recruited an outstanding colleague through a process that left all parties satisfied and looking forward to working together.

I highly recommend Beate and BASSWOOD.

“We recruited an outstanding colleague through a process that left all parties satisfied and looking forward to working together.”

Sales Manager, Feed & Feed Additives, UK & IRE

Sales Manager, Feed & Feed Additives, UK & IRE

Placed: July 2021

Candidate Testimonial

Started: September 2021

I found the whole experience of finding a new job through BASSWOOD, very professional, and efficient.

Regularly being kept up to date with what was happening every step of the process. In addition they gave invaluable pre-interview coaching, and insight into what the company was looking for.

I would highly recommend BASSWOOD, not only to candidates but also to people looking for recruitment agencies.

Client Testimonial

Sales Director, North Europe


During the process with BASSWOOD, I enjoyed the personal approach to our collaboration. They had a good understanding of what we were looking for.

Communication was good and accurate, which was much appreciated. It is very important for these processes to maintain a certain momentum, actively make decisions and keep things progressing.

The pond of candidates in the market was small, but there was a choice and it turned out very well. The last 2 candidates were the best.
Very professional approach; BASSWOOD followed up with me and the candidate after the first month and provided us with a review.

“BASSWOOD approach  is extremely elegant, making complex processes and mediation simple.”

Global Swine Commercial Development Director

Global Swine Commercial Development Director

Placed: April 2021

Candidate Testimonial

Started: September 2021

I appreciated the fact that BASSWOOD is specialized in my sector with knowledge in my area. That had a positive impact in discussions of about project dimension and potential opportunities assuring me that the decision I took was in the right direction.

During the selection process, I was also well supported by BASSWOOD which kept the communication open when negotiating for a common agreement between parts.

Client Testimonial

Global VP


After our previous collaboration on the Poultry Expert role; the search was faster. Roadblocks were identified before we started. BASSWOOD knew our business.

The swine market has fewer options in absolute terms. The selected candidates were well-matched and in the right position globally. This is not easy to do, BASSWOOD did a great job.

What also helped us, is their assistance in organizing internal team interviews, so we could make a decision quickly.

BASSWOOD thoroughly informed candidates of the paths the search could take. Because of this, the final candidate wasn’t surprised when a continent move was needed. We hired the perfect professional.

“What stood out with BASSWOOD is the efficiency of their search in a challenging market.”

Global Poultry Commercial Development Director

Global Poultry Commercial Development Director

Placed: November 2020

Candidate Testimonial

Started: December 2020

I was in contact with BASSWOOD through my admission process. It was very easy to work with them and to feel that BASSWOOD was really by my side taking into account the company perspective and my own interests.

I would strongly recommend BASSWOOD as a very valuable asset in the intermediation of these kinds of processes.

Thank you for your support.

Client Testimonial

Global VP


This search spanned several continents. Positively, BASSWOOD provided us with varied types of candidates with a wide choice of skills and professional experience.

During the final stages of the process, the scope of the role changed, which is not always easy to adapt to. So, the follow-up was crucial.

For me, it was also important to receive BASSWOOD insight on the candidates. For example, whether they were ready for the up or suited to the size of the company?

The combination of approaching us as a partner and acting as a mediator with the candidate helped reach an alignment. It was done tactically and successfully, making the final stages easy.

“Mentoring throughout the process was top notch and very professional.”

Technical Sales, Carbohydrates, West Africa

Technical Sales, Carbohydrates, West Africa

Placed: April 2020

Candidate Testimonial

Started: June 2020


I express my deep appreciation for the role BASSWOOD played in getting my dream job with a multinational company.

I must say the mentoring throughout all the processes, which of course was a competitive selection, was top notch and very professional. Paying attention to every fine detail and preparing for each stage is duly commendable as I loved every bit of it. This was never the case in all of the various consultants/HR I have worked with prior to my selection for this role.

Thank you once again, BASSWOOD.

Client Testimonial

Regional Manager EMEA & APAC


Sweeteners and starches is a fairly new market in Nigeria. Candidates are more experienced in the energy, gas and services sectors. It was a difficult role for us to fill.

What stood out with BASSWOOD is the efficiency of their search in a challenging market. They did well with providing a shortlist on short notice and matched the complex requirements of the role.

I liked that they were honest about not being able to find French-speaking candidates and didn’t try to squeeze in professionals who wouldn’t fit, just because of language skills.

We found the right person for us, who has integrated well and developed the market successfully.

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