Global Swine Commercial Development Director

(Animal Nutrition)

The project

After a successful M&A, The Client needed to recruit strategic global roles for their business unit. A Global Swine Expert could be recruited after the Global Poultry Expert had successfully started in the business a few months earlier.

They needed a Global Swine Expert who could streamline the current product offering. In addition, the right candidate would need to manage business opportunities worldwide and create new paths for R&D. This would be achieved by collaborating with the industry, clients and across an internal global matrix.

The Client assigned the project to BASSWOOD, choosing to forgo the internal recruitment stage. This was a result of our successful collaboration for the Poultry Expert placement.

After discussing the swine market specifics, The Client highlighted the importance of the Iberian, specifically Spanish and Portuguese markets. As a result candidates with a network of clients and partners in Europe would be ideal. Alternatively, a professional with experience in Europe through LATAM regional management would be considered.

The initial brief for the Global Swine Expert was…

  • Technical expert in swine, ideally nutrition
  • Experience in Commercial and Strategic Portfolio development 
  • International network and knowledge of the global swine market
  • Ability to work in a matrix and influence people on all levels
  • Location to be decided on a case-by-case basis.

Our method & solution

Basswood began intensive data mining in the global Animal Nutrition industry, with a focus on professionals working with certain relevant swine product lines.

  • Total leads identified: 346
  • Total candidates interested: 31
  • Candidates shortlisted: We were able to qualify 14 professionals, from which 9 were selected for the shortlist.

Important development: All nine shortlisted candidates were international swine industry experts. Five of the second-stage candidates were European-based professionals. One was based in LATAM. Three candidates could be hired for the position. Above all, the team and The Client strongly preferred the professional based in LATAM. Unfortunately, the candidate’s location in LATAM was not ideal for The Client’s strategic goals. In addition, the candidate was reluctant to move in the short term, considering their family’s needs. 

Client action: Before deciding on how to proceed, and considering our previous experience, the CEO of the company was consulted. We then received a confirmation that a hybrid model could be achieved. If the candidate agreed to eventually relocate to Europe, we could proceed with a later move date into 2022.

BASSWOOD action: After receiving the feedback, we advised The Client to allow time for the chosen candidate to decide and talk to their family. After a couple of weeks, the candidate returned with a positive decision, as it followed that the move would facilitate some of the family’s long-term goals.

Hired profile: BSc in Animal Science, MBA. A senior Product & Business Manager with an entire career spent in the swine industry, including a background in nutrition and direct work experience in pig production businesses. In addition, international knowledge of the major swine markets, and collaboration across R&D, marketing and sales divisions. Strong industry connections and influence. Open to and relocating to Europe.

Success timeline for the Global Swine Expert

  • Assignment sign-off: 3rd of February 2021
  • Planned Shortlist submission: 5th of March 2021
  • Actual Shortlist submission: 19th February 2021 (9 profiles introduced for the shortlist)
  • 1st stage interviews: 9 candidates selected, with interviews arranged at the beginning of March 2021
  • 2nd stage interviews: 6 candidates selected, with interviews arranged at the end of March 2021 
  • Final stage: 3 candidates selected, concluding interviews arranged at the beginning of April 2021

Successful conclusion

The chosen candidate was selected in April 2021, a contract signed in June 2021, with the position starting in September 2021. The Global Swine Expert has started their role with enthusiasm and learning the global culture and complexities of the company. They have hit the ground running with team & customer visits in Europe, going through training and preparing their family for a move to Europe in 2022. The candidate is still employed with The Client.

Lessons learned from the Global Swine Expert project

  1. Good things come to those who wait and can communicate with understanding.
  2. You will find what you are looking for, but not where you might expect.
  3. Be flexible about your initial expectations.
  4. Have the patience and understanding to accommodate changes.

Why choose BASSWOOD?

As a result of the clear and human communication, we took at the final stages, The Client was able to welcome their ideal colleague into the team. In addition, the efforts HR made both locally and globally, that ensured the chosen professional could join, would not have been possible without the extreme patience of the candidate.

Most importantly, none of this happened without regular updates and catch-up sessions. When an on-boarding process takes several months, there is no other way to manage the expectations and anxiety that result. If you leave your finalists in a feedback vacuum, they won’t be around by the time you eventually provide it.

Do you need an understanding partner, who can help you manage complex processes?

Contact us and let us handle it!

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