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Candidate Testimonial

I would call the BASSWOOD approach extremely elegant.

They are pleasant to talk to and great mediators. Sharing tips and information I needed to know for each stage of the process, always keeping me updated on what’s next and giving me feedback after each meeting.
Impressive that they were able to support both sides and considered my needs and goals, not just their clients. This helped me greatly during negotiations.
What amazed me further, is when I considered that they are representing not just me, but other candidates in the hiring process, providing everyone with attention, advice and the right support for each individual.

This is why I emphasise ‘extremely elegant’, as BASSWOOD makes complex processes and mediation simple.

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Sales Manager, UK & IRE

Sales Manager, UK & IRE

During the process with BASSWOOD, I enjoyed the personal approach to our collaboration. They had a good understanding of what we were looking for.